Here’s the shorthand guide to what we are passionate about!

  • We both went back to university! Congratulations are in order to Stephen, whose capstone project was just accepted. He should be receiving his diploma soon! His degree is in Business-IT Management. Wendy’s degree is in Business Management,  and she is working on her capstone now and has one other class to complete for graduation.
  • Stephen rides a motorcycle full-time. Wendy leased a full-electric vehicle for three years while she had a work commute. Both of these transportation options provide access to the coveted carpool lane as single occupant vehicles.
  • We are sustainable living advocates and strive to reduce our carbon footprint and show others how they can, too. You can follow this effort on the West Coast Green Living page on Facebook, and there’s a blog but it’s been neglected.
  • Travel is important to us and we’ve made a point to cover a lot of ground in the 3+ years since relocating to the Los Angeles area. We’ve been to numerous national parks and monuments, and covered a large radius of California from our home on the coast, from Monterey to Mexico. Oh, and don’t forget Catalina Island!
  • Wendy was learning to sew and wire wrap jewelry before she went back to school and looks forward to going back to it. Stephen knits (he owns a lot of yarn!)
  • Wendy has been a Sirius satellite radio subscriber since 2003 and her favorite channel is The Pulse. She hates talking with her music, and says it’s worth it to pay to not have ads. Steve listens to music via Google Play.
  • Our favorite genre of book and film is science fiction. We happen to share the same favorite author, Robert Heinlein, and Stranger in a Strange Land is Wendy’s favorite book. (They’re going to turn that into a TV series!)
  • We started playing the ukulele in 2015 and now own 5 ukuleles between us. They’re perfect for tiny home living – they’re small, portable, and can hang on the wall. Wendy has a piano in container storage in Seattle and has decided she’s finally ready to “let it go”.
  • Speaking of tiny homes, on our journey we’ve managed to go from an over 1700 square foot home with a huge double garage down into 450 square feet (with one home of 750 square feet in the middle of that). We would like to build a THOW (tiny home on wheels) someday and have a mobile lifestyle. Granted, we do have a 10×5 storage space to store things not essential to daily living. And two containers in Seattle, which we are ready to go through and sell most of the contents of.
  • We enjoy spending time with our furkids at home – an Italian greyhound named Sophia, and a giant cat called Imp (and on occasion some other names).
  • We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary in 2016.
  • We have the photo bug, big-time! (See below)

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