The following recommendations are sourced from the LinkedIn profiles of the Partners of Pens and Pixels

I worked with Wendy years back at Greenworks Realty. She is by far one of my most favorite people to have ever worked with. When I discovered she {was near} finished her degree and was pursuing freelance, I immediately gave her a call.

She is currently sub-contracting as a remote assistant to my bookkeeping business in Seattle, but more than that she has incredible skill with social media management, can organize anything (including my priorities during busy times), and she is so self-driven and capable that I can request her to research, create proposals for business and software modernizations, and then get me up to speed so I can provide better value to my clients.

I am so happy to be working with Wendy on a regular basis. I have missed her companionship and unparalleled professional competence.

She has my highest recommendation. Louann Rizor, Owner at LJ Consulting

Wendy worked for me as my marketing associate and I found her to be very efficient. She can handle the work load of two to three people with reasonable billing hours. Her Excel skills were beneficial in assisting me in detailed reporting and her ability to provide a strong social media presence was beyond a doubt beneficial to my real estate business. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, preparing mailers and creating websites, she did it all. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs assistance with social media.Linda Lane McFarlane, Owner at Lane and Associates, Inc.
Having worked with Wendy in the past, I had the opportunity to experience her work ethic and really see her grow professionally. Not only is she dedicated to the tasks at hand, but Wendy is detail oriented, self-motivated and ready to excel at each project she has committed to. Plus, Wendy has always been ahead of the times with social media, introducing me to something new and incredible or a must-have for my own business.

Wendy constantly amazes me with her management skills and it didn’t surprise me when I learned that she decided to put those skills to good use and take on the role of a Business Administrator/Virtual Assistant with Pens and Pixels. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals/companies to hire Wendy in any capacity. Whether it’s just to help you get back on track and clear up your desk, or an on-going basis, to free up some time in your day so you are of better value to your clients, Wendy’s organization skills will do just that.

I highly recommend Wendy for this position.Erika Peterson, Owner/Event Planner as PlanningSavvy

I have worked with Wendy in a number of capacities. She was a member of the church I serve. During that time she improved our communications in a big way. She completely redesigned the newsletter to make it more attractive and readable. She helped design and maintain our website. She was invaluable to our Communications committee always coming up with new ideas for us to try in reaching out to people.

Wendy was also my Realtor for selling and buying a house. She did the market analysis, made attractive brochures and a link for people to look up if they saw the for sale sign and helped stage the house and marketed it very well, advising me all along the process of successfully selling the house. She then looked at many sites to locate the type of house we were looking for, identified them well and took us around to many. She helped get an excellent inspector that saved us 4 times from buying a house that was not up to code and she located the house we bought before it went on the market formally.

She is detail oriented and organized, creative, hard-working, deeply committed to the people with and for whom she works, thorough, and always willing to try a new task and find ways of looking at something from a different angle that improves on what was in place before. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is looking for these characteristics in a consultant.Rev. Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown, Pastor at Tibbetts UMC

I would like to let you know about Wendy’s outstanding performance. Since she came on board we have had the best service. Examples: Anytime I have questions and email her, I hear back from her immediately. She is thorough, reliable, and finds the information I need/solutions to any problems with our rental properties immediately. She is also personable. And most surprisingly, never once has she made a mistake.Maheshni Karunasena, Southern California Real Estate Investor
I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy for several years, as a Recruiter, I happily assisted her in job searches and as an enthusiastic Real Estate Agent. Her genuine concern and work she has put in towards helping the environment are exciting/helpful to all. She can be counted on to work tirelessly on projects, researching, problem-solving, putting forth a excellent product. She is bright, easy to work with, and a terrific person to be around. I would recommend her for any project.Rhonda Stiff, Managing Partner at Independence Financial Planning, Inc.
Wendy is the consummate professional. She is a rare blend: knowledgeable, passionate, efficient, and a totally trustworthy consensus builder. Whether you are buying, selling or just need an honest assessment, you want to hire Wendy.Lisa Crunick, Owner at Helping You Change Your Mind
I find Stephen to be a pleasure to work with. He is detail-oriented, steady, no-nonsense, and yet has a great sense of humor. He is thorough and quickly responds to both technical and editorial queries.

Stephen would be an asset to any documentation team, particularly in situations where there is a need for someone to ramp up quickly and start producing.Laura Lee Bennett, Technical Editor and Creative Writer, Microsoft Corp.

Stephen is a team player with a great attention to detail. I heartily recommend him on your next project.Doug Schwartz, Senior Programming-Writer @AWS
I’ve known Stephen since 2007. He joined a UI/writing group at Microsoft as a production specialist charged with keeping a very intricate system of interrelated technologies up and running. In other words, his job was to keep the train on the tracks by making it all fit together. Quite a challenge to say the least and Stephen was up to the challenge. He has an unusual level of curiosity that is amazing in how focused he can be to find the answer. And one way or another he will find the answer.

He brings to the table a broad set of skills that enable him to do his job very well.Michael Paul, Advertising Services at Microsoft Corp.

For the brief time, Stephen and I worked together, I have found Stephen to be very talented and versatile, with not only production skills but also solid coding skills. He continually impressed me with his cando attitude and excellent problem solving skills. I recommend Stephen without any reservations.Omar Farooque, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft Corp.
Stephen Hughes-Jelen has done a great job in his role of providing support for a developer documentation team (part of a larger team that Stephen also supported). Specifically for the developer documentation team, he configured and maintained a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 machine running Microsoft SQL Server, wrote C# code (for both GUI applications and command line applications), wrote/maintained various IIS applications, performed backups, wrote/maintained command line scripts (including several that were implemented as scheduled tasks to perform bulk operations), and handled documentation staging/releasing/archiving. Stephen has a good understanding of XML and authoring tools, and he also did some XSLT work on behalf of the team. In addition, Stephen authored a significant amount of process documentation, and he maintained team security settings.Walter Poupore, Google tech writer
Stephen worked for me for nine months as a production engineer in the UA group of Microsoft’s online advertising division. His duties ranged from running builds, build verification tests, and content hand-offs to troubleshooting servers of all kinds and serving as our IT office manager. He had to deal with endless repetitive questions from his teammates and handled them gracefully and cheerfully. He also solved some tricky problems on a variety of servers, always more quickly than we expected. During his project downtime, he wrote a bunch of small automation tools for us, administered the source tree, and did several investigative tasks in support of the development team. The quality of his work was always excellent. Without a doubt, Stephen is the best PE we have ever had on staff.Tom Brush, Lead Content Developer at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Stephen is a diligent, ambitious individual who has a high aptitude and passion for all things technological. He joined our team as a production specialist, but he has utilized his technical skills to contribute to the team at a level that has gone above and beyond our expectations. Any challenge that has been thrown at him he has been able to solve in an efficient manner without sacrificing quality. He is also able to learn new programming languages and technologies with ease. Stephen is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any organization.Kelly Berman, Senior Program Manager-PowerPoint at Microsoft Corp.
I did not know Stephen until we worked at Microsoft together on technical writing assignments with both very small teams (just the two of us) as well as large teams (many people in the same room). We always had projects with difficult deadlines.

Stephen is a very quick learner, has an excellent work ethic, and does not hesitate to help others learn more to do a better job. He absorbs new technologies quickly and is willing to put in the effort it takes to meet deadlines for projects with difficult requirements in quality fashion.

He excelled in onboarding new hires, and being a technical mentor to persons just learning new skills. He also is a strong programmer in Microsoft technologies. I would not hesitate to take the opportunity to work with Stephen again, and I give him my highest recommendation.Douglas Timpe, Software Development Manager at Dell EMC

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