WendyTEFL/TESOL Certified ESL Instructor

Now that English has been officially adopted worldwide as the language for business (click to read Harvard Business Review “Global Business Speaks English”), has your employer instituted an “English only” policy at your company? Have you been given one year, or two, to improve your English enough to be able to keep your job? Do you hope to apply for an advancement?

Regardless of your location or the people in your local work team, most multinational companies now require ALL of their employees to become proficient in the English language.

If you’re located in time zones UTC -10 (example: Tahiti) all the way through UTC +3 (example: including the countries of Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Moscow/Russia), Pens and Pixels can provide you with one-on-one or group sessions to improve your Business English, and to focus on accent reduction and fluency.

As a fellow business professional who has worked in the corporate world for over 25 years, I look forward to bringing my experience and love for teaching to those desiring to gain a better understanding of the English language and American culture, especially in a business setting. My certificate shows I am qualified with a TQUK Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with 180 hours of coursework, 20 hours of practicum, and an “A” grade.

Improve your English so you speak with little or no detectable accent.   I am a native of Seattle, a part of the United States that is considered to have no accent. Think Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Starbucks, Costco, Weyerhauser, and until recently Boeing. You can learn to speak so you can fit in almost anywhere by learning to pronounce English words as clearly as possible. This will help you adapt to almost any professional setting with ease.



Online Services Available:

  • Conversation practice for accent reduction
  • Listening for comprehension
  • Speaking for understanding
  • Reading for details
  • Writing for fluidity
  • Understanding idioms (These are my favorite!)
  • American culture and slang – more important than you would think
  • Business terminology explained
  • Help with filling out confusing job applications
  • Writing a winning cover letter
  • Creating a powerful resume that will help you get your next job
  • One-on-one language tutoring
  • Accountability coaching to help you reach your learning objectives
  • Homework – if you want it

What’s on your list of things to improve?

  • Spoken English so coworkers understand you
  • Writing a professional email so as not to be embarrassed by errors that can’t be undone
  • How to craft really great sales correspondence
  • Improving your “patter” – the need to develop professional but conversational customer service skills
  • Develop special skills – social media and hashtags to develop a brand
  • Understand all those crazy idioms that don’t make sense

I can help you achieve your goals, and check all those things off your list, one objective at a time. Your learning will be at your own pace.

Here’s a mini-lesson on the English language idiom, “Get down to business!”

Learning can be FUN for your whole family

  • I teach both children and adults!
  • Together we will develop a lesson plan to address your, or your family’s, English language learning needs.
  • Group lessons available – learn with a group of friends or your children!

My desire to make learning fun means you’ll laugh while also learning something new, regardless of your age. A student-centered learning environment is the best way to make that happen. Your goals are my goals. Let’s talk!

Online ESL Class Information

  • Classes take place on Skype
  • $30 1-hour session (this is the minimum booking)
  • $50 2-hour session
  • $75 – Group classes, up to 4 people (English level recommended to be similar)
  • 5th Session FREE – book and pay for four classes, and your fifth one is free (approximate 20% savings)
  • We always will do our best to accommodate your schedule
  • In-person classes available in Long Beach, California, USA only.

Online payments are accepted and must be made in advance to make a reservation. We accept:

  • ACH/E-check (no service fee)
  • Square (+3% service fee charged by Square)
  • Paypal (+3% service fee charged by Paypal)
  • Billing to your employer – see below

Does your employer offer education or professional development benefits?   Sometimes this kind of professional development might be paid for by your employer, or at least partially reimbursed, depending on your benefits package and supervisor’s authorization. Together we can put together a learning proposal that you can present to your company HR department for approval to help offset the expense of your English tutoring/consulting.

If you are serious about advancing your English skills to the level of a native English speaker in a corporate environment, Pens and Pixels will do what it can to accommodate you and meet your employer’s requirements. Together we can elevate your language skills so your Business English is the best it can be. Don’t let your language skills hold you back in your career development and salary advancement. We will arrange to have your lessons or tutoring sessions billed directly to your employer if they approve the learning plan and agree to this arrangement.



PLEASE NOTE: Teaching hours are limited and may be difficult to schedule for students living in the physical locations of China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Micronesia, or other countries in similar time zones. We are located in Los Angeles, California, USA and are unable to serve Beijing primetime hours, since that is beginning at 3 AM here.
If you work an alternate schedule and are available between BJT 12 AM – 12 PM (midnight to noon), then we can probably accommodate you! Please fill out our contact form.


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